VIP Admissions Acceleration

If you are seeking MBA admissions guidance from a top expert — and need to speed up the application process — no other program provides the personal attention, seasoned expertise, and all-out support of VIP Admissions Acceleration.”

Somehow Debra makes it all come together, even when it seems there are simply not enough hours in the day!”
— Sue C., Stanford MBA

Debra Woog, top admissions expert, launches your VIP experience with a full-day, in-person, one-on-one session. Afterward you will benefit from ongoing, unlimited support throughout your admissions journey to address all aspects of your admissions process. Debra will guide you and offer you feedback through every step of creating your admissions strategy, executing your application, and preparing for interviews and more.

Debra will mentor you to:

  • Identify your key application messages and themes
  • Select the right schools for you
  • Create your personalized Application Project Plan
  • Choose the best topics for each of your essays
  • Access Debra’s personal connections at every top program

VIP participants also receive intensive, follow-up coaching via phone (or in person, if you prefer). You will also gain access to the exclusive MBA Navigator Community: throughout your career, share your concerns, questions and experiences with this select group of MBA applicants, students and alumni.

“Debra’s commitment was above and beyond my expectations. I would not have been able to get into my first choice school without her input and support.”
Jessica Z., Kellogg MBA

Your VIP experience includes these special bonuses:

  • Personalized MBA Navigator Care Package
  • Round-trip limo transportation
  • Catered gourmet lunch
  • The complete Gold Admissions Program

Due to the extensive time Debra takes to give such personal attention, the VIP experience is available on a limited, first-come, first-served basis. Set up a call with Debra to learn more about the VIP experience and if it is right for you.

Get ready to get in!

Client Stories:

“With Debra’s guidance , I was able to write focused admissions applications that highlighted my unique qualities. Her attentive, patient & caring manner made our discussions very open and detailed. This allowed her to use her knowledge to identify positive aspects of my own experiences that I myself hadn’t realized. The admissions process was truly stress-free and more importantly, resulted in me getting admitted to my top choice school. Thanks Debra, I couldn’t have done it without you!”

— David H., Harvard MBA

“After retiring from a seven-year professional hockey career, I was left with a major decision for a new professional path.  It occurred to me I was 30 years old, and had limited ‘work experience’ but had a tremendously unique working experience. Debra helped me realize my potential as a business school candidate.  I highly recommend Debra to anyone looking to separate themselves from the pack and approach the MBA process with confidence.”

— Justin H., Babson MBA

Meet Debra Woog

As a seasoned MBA career coach, Debra helps business school applicants, students and graduates to achieve their leadership goals. She is passionate about helping individuals to identify and communicate their unique capabilities and contributions. Debra’s insight goes well beyond the MBA admissions process, guiding you to lead your best MBA life.

Debra’s Credentials:

  • Coach to more than 100 MBA applicants admitted to their business school of choice
  • Leadership & career consultant since 1999
  • Director of Admissions and Career Development for dual MBA/engineering program at MIT Sloan
  • Career researcher at Harvard Business School
  • Published author
  • MIT Sloan MBA 1997
  • Wellesley College BA 1989
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