Six Interview Don’ts for MBA Applicants

1. Don’t delay visiting until after you have been admitted. Although you may think it’s cost- and/or time-effective to wait, your interviewer may interpret lack of a visit as lack of genuine interest, particularly if you live relatively nearby.

2. Don’t arrive late. If you miss the first 5 minutes of your interview, aside from making a poor impression, you have lost 5 minutes to sell yourself and to learn about the program.

3. Don’t repeat stories from your essays unless the interviewer asks you to clarify one. The interview is a chance for you to provide more information about yourself. Don’t miss it.

4. Don’t ask the interviewer to give an on-the-spot assessment of you. This reflects poor judgment and can make the interviewer uncomfortable.

5. Don’t ask the interviewer to do your job for you. Do not ask him/her to compare the school to others or ask them to sell (e.g., “Why should I come to this school?”).

6. Don’t worry if you leave the interview without a good sense of how it went. A skilled interviewer will leave you feeling you had a good experience without conveying a sense of where you stand. Final decisions are rarely made at the interview so it would be unfair of the interviewer to give you an indicator of where you stand.

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