Preparing for Your Application Season

When deciding whether to apply to MBA programs, consider all your responsibilities (professional, personal, and volunteer) between now and when your last application is due. Make a detailed list.

Now, accept that you can’t do everything! If this is the year, you will have to make your applications one of your top three priorities. This might mean taking time off from other activities. What will your other 2 priorities be? What will you not do during this busy period? Write down your commitments to yourself. Be specific. Be prepared to make difficult decisions as other interesting opportunities will undoubtedly arise during your application season.

If you are not applying this year, prepare by starting a journal of “a-ha” moments as you experience them at school or at work. This record will be a valuable tool when it comes time for you to brainstorm possible essay topics. Also, start thinking ahead about which programs may be right for you.

When you do apply to top business schools, you need to be willing to put your heart and soul into the process. Applying requires a sizeable time commitment that will likely test your resolve. Setting reasonable, well thought-out goals and planning ahead will enable you to utilize your time most efficiently.

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