Personal Application Strategy Coaching

There is simply no substitute for having an expert on your team. If you are looking to jump-start your application process now OR preparing to apply in the future — add Debra to your team today.

95% of Debra's clients are ADMITTED
to their top-choice MBA program

To jump-start your application process now ...

If you're looking for one-on-one consultation with the creator of Gold Admissions Program, choose Personal Application Strategy Coaching (PASC). No one is better qualified to position you for success.


And if you are preparing to apply in the future ...

Let Debra assess your qualifications and advise you how best to shape your future proactively to strengthen your story. Looking ahead is the best way to create your success and Debra will guide you along the right path to your goals.


... Get Ready to Get In!TM

PASC provides unlimited coaching from Debra to create your personal admissions strategy. Once your strategy is ready, you'll be fully prepared with key messages that best express your story — and armed with Debra's insights to execute all aspects of your applications including:

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Essays and Short Answers
  • Recommendations
  • Interviews

Due to the extensive time Debra takes to give such personal attention, PASC is available on a limited, first-come, first-served basis. Set up a call with Debra to learn more.

Debra Woog

Meet Debra Woog, Creator of the Gold Admissions Program

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As a seasoned MBA career coach, Debra helps business school applicants, students and graduates to achieve their leadership goals. She is passionate about helping individuals to identify and communicate their unique capabilities and contributions. Debra’s insight goes well beyond the MBA admissions process, guiding you to lead your best MBA life.

Debra's Credentials:

  • Coach to more than 100 MBA applicants admitted to their business school of choice
  • Leadership & career consultant since 1999
  • Director of Admissions and Career Development for dual MBA/engineering program at MIT Sloan
  • Career researcher at Harvard Business School
  • Published author
  • MIT Sloan MBA 1997
  • Wellesley College BA 1989


Client Story:

"Debra, your secret sauce worked! I am so glad we worked together on my application strategy. It truly clarified for me what my individual strengths are as well as how they relate to my career goals. I could not have filled out those applications without your guidance--whenever I was uncertain, I just went back to the SIQ and the other materials we prepared... working with you was an enlightening experience. Going through the process helped me clarify what I think are many unique attributes, and perhaps just as importantly, how to convey that to others. The SIQ was like a trusted guide; every time I was uncertain about how to proceed or what to say, I simply went back to the SIQ."

-- Bruce J., MBA Reapplicant

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(781) 646-5687 • Boston, MA