New Client Comment

MBAclientI can’t believe it.  I gained acceptance into three of my top four graduate business school choices and now I have an equally difficult problem to preparing my applications: choosing which top school in the world to attend!

I know I had it in me, but looking back, I don’t think I could’ve found and articulated my story as clearly as I did without Debra’s guidance.  Debra not only guided me on how to approach the MBA application process but helped me introspect deeply to find and clearly state my strongest stories.  These are skills that will last me well into my career.

Debra’s meticulous attention to detail helped me deliver rich and effective messages and at times caught critical mistakes.  Her flexibility and professionalism helped me in the crunch times.  Most importantly, I truly enjoyed Debra’s warmth and positive attitude, which helped me build the confidence to deliver a message true to myself and the stamina to endure a grueling application process.

I truly enjoyed working with Debra and always looked forward to our sessions.   Thanks, Debra!

MBA Admissions and Career Consulting Client
Harvard Business School MBA ’15

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