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To unlock your leadership potential as an MBA, you must define and achieve success your way.

Today’s MBAs feel more pressure in life and the workplace than ever before. Progress can seem to halt when organizational issues pop up. Leaders can struggle to adapt to ever-changing demands. Many experienced professionals yearn to get out and do something more rewarding; some even find themselves ready to exchange status for higher fulfillment.

MBA Navigator, a coaching, consulting and leadership development firm, coaches MBAs to achieve success on your terms by:

  • Identifying the core messages that bring your story to life and communicating them effectively
  • Exploring possibilities for the next rewarding, fulfilling steps of your current career path
  • Following a passion and changing careers completely
  • Assessing complex situations and making leadership decisions, negotiating successfully and creating high-performance teams

When you work with MBA Navigator… you learn not only to manage, but to lead. Not only to dream, but to accomplish. Not only to strive, but to succeed.

MBA Navigator is poised to help you through every stage of your career, whether you’re just starting out or you are ready to reach the highest level of leadership. We serve new clients in your choice of two ways:

Independent Study Program: The Brilliance-Based Career Success System – Designed for MBAs who prefer to work independently, at their own pace. Working through modules with audios and action sheets, you’ll learn to identify your brilliance and unique definition of success and leverage them so that you work and live at your full potential.

Personal Consulting: Illuminate Program – Designed for MBAs who prefer to be coached intensively to get results over a short period of time, the Illuminate Program gives you direct, one-on-one access to Debra. Together, you’ll uncover your strengths and areas for improvement in an efficient, compassionate way. In a creative, confidential partnership, you’ll set goals, identify obstacles, understand your preferences for organizational culture, explore options and strategies, act and reflect. Personal Consulting is for you whether you seek to produce and sustain desired results in a new job, in a new business, or with an expanded team.

Through either program, you’ll leverage your strengths to gain a critical edge. Each program prepares you to achieve measureable results in a timeframe you choose. Both time-tested approaches have been refined and proven through more than a decade of innovation, evaluation and feedback.

Ready to learn how to position yourself for success? Schedule your complimentary initial consultation with Debra.

Client Stories

“She taught me not only to familiarize myself with frameworks for tackling tough business problems on the spot, but how to use them effectively and appropriately. Her debriefing helped me understand where there were gaps in my logic and how to close those gaps by marshaling logical thinking techniques.” — MBA Student

“As I made a recent professional transition, Debra’s guidance was invaluable to me as I struggled to decide which was the right next step for me.  She led me through a practical decision making process that helped me articulate my values and priorities. She was both honest about her thoughts and reassuring.  I am so grateful to her!” — Education Leader

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