MBA Career Testimonials

“I have found Debra Woog to provide a unique voice in my life. As my coach, Debra listens to my concerns, often sympathizes with what I am experiencing, and then, with incredible skill, moves me to action. This combination is powerful. I depend on Debra to help me clearly define my goals. She is up-front, honest, and cares about my success.”

HBS MBA, Management Consultant

“She taught me not only to familiarize myself with frameworks for tackling tough business problems on the spot, but how to use them effectively and appropriately. Her debriefing helped me understand where there were gaps in my logic and how to close those gaps by marshaling logical thinking techniques.” 

— MBA Student

“As I made a recent professional transition, Debra’s guidance was invaluable to me as I struggled to decide which was the right next step for me.  She led me through a practical decision making process that helped me articulate my values and priorities. She was both honest about her thoughts and reassuring.  I am so grateful to her!” 

— Education Leader

“Before I started the Brilliance-Based Career Success System,™  I still felt like there were missing elements, that things were not coming together as quickly as I desired. I had this major shift as a result of this program. I feel like I am in more of a power position. I have to say, it was one of the biggest shifts I have made this year. It was quite profound.” 

— Lynn Smith

“I was updating my resume and the work I did with the Brilliance-Based Career Success System™ (particularly the SIQ, needs, values and priorities) was instrumental to me. Thank you so much, Debra!” 

— Jessica Zambarano

“I highly recommend Debra. She has guided me through some of the most challenging personal and professional situations I have ever faced. I have referred several VP and C-level female execs to her and each has raved about her approach. And, all made great career moves as a result.” 

— PR Executive

“Thank you so much for your coaching; you are a truly gifted listener and coach! Identifying that my fears are related to the perception that I am imposing on someone (feeling vulnerable) rather than giving them a business opportunity (feeling empowered) was so simple and yet so KEY! You helped me, in such a compassionate way, get to a shadow belief that I had not been able to face. We uncorked a demon that was sabotaging me and I was able to say to it – ‘Goodbye, I don’t need you.’ Debra, you have done more for me than you can possibly know!” 

— Entrepreneur

“Debra, you listen very well, you know people very well, you have this innate sixth sense, and you’re empathetic. I feel I can be honest, tell you where I have weakness, and you fill in that weakness or void. My weakness was writing. It’s not an effort for the client. You just fill in those gaps w/out making it difficult. You do it in a manner that makes the whole thing pleasant and it works. You accomplish the goal of doing what we set out to do in a way that’s not stressful for me. I wouldn’t have known where to start. You have a mature, strong core that has a universal understanding of how humans are; that’s the great thing. You seem to customize your methods and approach around each person’s quirks. That kind of tailoring to individual needs is what the information age is crying out for.”

— Career Changer

“I really enjoyed your MBA Navigator presentation today. Your model is simply and compelling. I am at a fork in my career navigation and would really appreciate an opportunity to share my story with you and gain some additional perspective on next steps.”

— M.P., MBA/M.S.

“The Brilliance-Based Career Success System™ Independent Study Program was the most helpful thing I did after a year of unemployment.”

M.T., JD

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