Careers in Corporate Citizenship

While many members of our connect2 community are entrepreneurs, many others are employed in the corporate world.  If you have – or seek – a corporate, brilliance-based career in which you make a positive impact, today’s post is especially for you.

Net Impact and the Center for Corporate Citizenship at Boston College just released a new career resource called Corporate Careers That Make a Difference, an eighty-page guide to pursuing a career in corporate citizenship.  Net Impact is a global organization of students and professionals using business to improve the world.  They define “corporate citizenship” as an umbrella term that includes both social impact (encompassing corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues) and environmental impact (encompassing sustainability issues).

As you probably know, I love the inspiration that comes through career stories.  This resource features dozens of stories from working professionals with diverse academic backgrounds and job titles.  It’s a first-hand account of opportunities for people interested in corporate responsibility and sustainability, beyond the typical job titles like Director of CSR.

Liz Maw, Executive Director of Net Impact says, “More and more people want to make a positive impact on the world through the work they do, but there are so few resources to help them turn this aspiration into a successful career. This guide fills that gap by exploring th

e diversity of opportunities available in corporate citizenship, and providing hands-on advice for long-term success.”

If you’re interested in corporate citizenship and would like a practical framework for career development, check it out.  And let us know what you think here in our comments section!

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