Are you an MBA seeking a more meaningful role?

As a leader, you may be faced with questions you don’t have answers to, such as:

  • How do I stand out from other MBAs?
  • Where do I go from here? What’s the next step on my career path?
  • How can I juggle the conflicting demands of my work and family?
  • When and where do I pursue my passion projects?
  • Can I really have it all?

By the end of the Illuminate private coaching program, you will have these answers and more. Coaches elicit and deliver powerful insights for personal, professional, and organizational growth. As your coach, Debra Woog brings a strategic business view, an understanding of interpersonal and intrapersonal dynamics, a powerful network of resources, insightful communication, creative problem solving, active listening, and warmth. Debra works as your thought-partner, sounding board and advisor to set the foundation and advanced execution for you to work and live with maximum joy and ease. 

The Illuminate program is carefully crafted as a laser-focused coaching and training option for MBAs who prefer to be coached intensively, to get measurable results over a short period of time. Simply put: we get things done!

When you enroll in the Illuminate Program, you’ll receive:

  • 7 one-hour, one-on-one coaching sessions: These confidential and laser-focused sessions are designed to guide you to take off fast and find solutions quickly. You and Debra will schedule each coaching session at a convenient time for you and work on what matters to you most. You’ll build by achieving your goals from each session, so that at the end of the Illuminate program you’ll have the answers you seek. Further, you’ll align your communications so that you can handle difficult conversations more efficiently and effectively.
  • Private email support: You’ll receive access to Debra’s private e-mail address for support between sessions, whether you have a question, a challenge or need for motivation.
  • Complete access to the Brilliance-Based Career Success System: Debra’s popular Independent Study Program provides critical tools for you to create your Unique Definition of Success, release yourself from impractical and self-sabotaging expectations and create your prosperity model. When you use this resource to prepare for your private sessions with Debra, you’ll make most of your time with her. (For complete details, click here.)

Hear what others have to say:

“I highly recommend Debra. She has guided me through some of the most challenging personal and professional situations I have ever faced. I have referred several VP and C-level female execs to her and each has raved about her approach. And, all made great career moves as a result.” — PR Executive

“Thank you so much for your coaching; you are a truly gifted listener and coach! Identifying that my fears are related to the perception that I am imposing on someone (feeling vulnerable) rather than giving them a business opportunity (feeling empowered) was so simple and yet so KEY! You helped me, in such a compassionate way, get to a shadow belief that I had not been able to face. We uncorked a demon that was sabotaging me and I was able to say to it – ‘Goodbye, I don’t need you.’ Debra, you have done more for me than you can possibly know!” — Entrepreneur

If you’re ready to seize your future, schedule a complimentary consultation with Debra to explore how the Illuminate program matches your immediate needs.

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