Are you a highly educated professional seeking a new job and/or better balance?

Woog 0245 9-2011 -cream cowl neck Portrait closeupHi, I’m Debra Woog, creator of the Brilliance-Based Career Success System™ for highly educated professionals seeking a new job and/or improved work/life balance. Through my new Independent Study Program, you’ll learn the Brilliance-Based Career Success System™ step-by-step.

TwinsetBy the end you feel lighter and far more productive. Through this system you articulate Your Brilliance, create your Unique Definition of Success, release yourself from impractical and self-sabotaging expectations, create Your Prosperity Model with a financial model to achieve it, and choose and manage your Super Support Team.  These are the critical tools you need to create better balance in your hectic life, and to secure your next job when you’re ready for it.

How do I know achieving this is possible for you? Because I live it on a daily basis.

Just a few years ago, by many objective and subjective indicators, it seemed I was happy and successful. I owned a home, was married, and had 2 beautiful, healthy children. I loved my friends and family. I was a trustee on my Temple board. I had a thriving coaching and consulting practice. Yet I was maxed out in every way.  I was overdoing, overtired, and overweight.

Doing, doing, doing.

All my life I had been striving to be a good enough sister, daughter, cousin, student, friend, professional and community member. In my thirties I added entrepreneur, wife and mom to my list.

And then, at age 40, I was done striving to get myself there and ready to BE THERE. Wherever I was right then, it was finally good enough. I realized that, physically and metaphorically, I was more than enough. The constant “trying” was over. I was ready to stop DOing so darn much so I could finally start BEing. It was time to accept myself as I was. In that one moment, the culmination of one million earlier moments, I let go.  

I let go of more than I ever dreamed possible or beneficial. I put taking care of myself back on my list. I let go of non-stop people-pleasing. I let go of a constant struggle to feel “a part of” and a driving fear of being alone. I let go of the deep-seated, nagging suspicion that I had to do it all myself. I let go of relationships – personal and professional – that no longer served my highest good. I let go of my hyper-competent, hyper-busy persona. I let go of putting work above my family because I was so afraid I couldn’t provide for them otherwise. I let go of my largest client, who had been feeling too much like an employer.  I let go of sky-high expectations, of myself and others. I let go of volunteering. I let go of 60 pounds from my body.

Letting go felt like a sunrise on a brand new day!


I felt lighter – illuminated from within and palpably less heavy. I stopped stuffing my head, my body, and the daily agenda of my life.

I lifted the ceiling on my prosperity potential and began feeling joy and ease in my life and work again. 

And from this incredible shift came the Brilliance-Based Career Success System,™ the exact steps I used to change my life.

Do you feel now how I felt then?  If so, my desire for you is to feel the freedom that I now feel. It’s from this heartfelt desire that I created the new Independent Study Program.  Here are the highlights:

  • Module 1:   Reveal Your Brilliance (critical for focusing your career and tailoring your resume!)
  • Module 2:   Express Your Unique Definition of Success Part I
  • Module 3:   Express Your Unique Definition of Success Part II
  • Module 4:   Focus Your Energy
  • Module 5:   Create Your Prosperity Model
  • Module 6:   Choose Your Super Support Team
  • Module 7:   Manage Your Super Support Team

Jessica Zambarano

“I want you to know that as I was updating my resume this weekend I realized how much I have learned over the past couple of years, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU because (1) you inspired me to learn a lot of these new skills; (2) you have been a huge supporter; and (3) the work I did with the Brilliance-Based Career Success System™ (particularly the SIQ, needs, values and priorities) was instrumental in helping me to take this step. Thank you so much, Debra!”

How will you make this happen in your own life? 

In each module, you’ll receive content-rich audio and worksheets to guide you at your own pace. Depending on your available time, you can expect to spend approximately 2-3 months working through the Program a few hours each week.

Every module is designed to lead you to tangible results. You’ll participate from the comfort of your home or office, at your own pace. You’ll receive:

  • Recordings teaching you the entire Brilliance-Based Career Success System™
  • Written summaries of each recording
  • Assignments with templates and action sheets to guide you through every step of the program
  • The flexibility to implement this all-digital program on your own schedule
  • Updates to new and improved tools and worksheets as they become available

Full cost for the Brilliance-Based Career Success System Independent Study Program is $597, a small fee to invest for long-lasting positive change. But because I’m eager to remove all barriers to you experiencing the shifts you long for, I’m offering you a special price of only $297 – 50% off!  This special price is available only now (because we only have today, after all), so order today. Start the Program whenever you’re ready, and work at your own pace.

And as a Special Bonus – the first 10 of you to order today will receive a free live session to ask me your questions on any aspect of the Independent Study Program!

Now you might be trying to tell yourself – “I don’t have time to do this,” “I’m not really brilliant,” “I can’t afford this right now,” or “There’s just no way out of my overwhelm.” That’s the voice of what I call your Business Brain, a helpful analytical resource that’s book-smart but fear-driven.

Lynn Smith
Health Coach Team

“Before I started the Brilliance-Based Career Success System,™  I still felt like there were some missing elements, that things were not coming together as I would have liked or as quickly as I would have desired. I had this major, major shift as a result of your program.

Since I’ve let go of certain expectations I had of myself, now I feel I have a better relationship with time. I see time as more precious now. I protect it and my schedule more than I did before, instead of allowing things to interfere, instead of allowing intrusions. It’s actually making me feel like I am in more of a power position. I get to choose what comes onto my calendar. I get to choose what I do with my day. I have to say, it was one of the biggest shifts I have made this year. It was quite profound.”

Here’s my response. I’ve learned the hard way that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  If you truly want a different result, I know with all my heart that you can create it. But to do so you’ll have to take some new actions.

  • Have you been overdoing in your life and career?
  • Do you feel worn out, overwhelmed, or uncertain about your best next steps?
  • Do you want to love your work and your life?
  • Are you ready to feel sane again???

If so, I am ready to apply everything I’ve experienced and learned to support you to improve your life and career. But I can tell you for sure that this program is NOT for you if you:

  • Feel completely satisfied with your current income
  • Are unwilling to do things differently
  • Insist on staying overwhelmed
  • Don’t want more joy or ease in your life
  • Truly believe the only way to success is to overwork until you’re 70 or dead
  • Find fault with everything or everyone else around you and never look at your part
The ISP gives you tools to feel this free again.

Just so that I’m clear, this Independent Study Program IS for the job seeker who is ready to:

  • Claim and Express Your Brilliance
  • Identify the Prosperity Model that will enable you to make more doing less
  • Learn an inside secret system to delegation and team management
  • Save oodles of time and energy, leaving you more time to be with who you love and do what you love, serve more people through your work, and make more money

If this is you, I invite you to secure your all-digital Brilliance-Based Career Success System Independent Study Program and begin the road to success today!

I can’t wait to guide you to your most fulfilling and most profitable Brilliance-Based Career.

With joy and ease,


Debra A. Woog

Brilliance-Based Career Success™ Expert & Mentor

MBA Navigator

P.S.  If you just read this whole page, felt intrigued, and set it aside to think about “for later”, I’d like to remind you to seize the moment.  Now.  While you’re thinking about it.  I guarantee you that if you follow the steps in the Brilliance-Based Career Success System,™ everything in your life will become easier.

Purchase now and receive 50% off the Program:  


P.P.S.   Did I mention my 100% Money Back Guarantee?  If you review the Brilliance-Based Career Success System Independent Study Program and decide it will not make a positive difference in your life and work, I will refund your money right away.  You have nothing to lose.  Your freedom awaits you!

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