New Client Comment

“Working with Debra made my MBA application far stronger than it would have been had I done it alone. Debra’s methods provided a framework that helped me paint a connected, multi-dimensional picture instead of simply relating isolated, disjointed stories. Her ability to help me identify my most relevant strengths and bring them out in my writing was nothing short of remarkable.

From a practical standpoint, Debra also tremendously reduced the stress and uncertainty inherent in the application process. She answered every question, however simple and insignificant, quickly and in a way that instilled confidence in me. Her ability to distill writing to the most relevant points in a concise and powerful manner made my written application much more compelling than I ever could have managed on my own.  Put succinctly, I am confident that through working with Debra, I prepared the absolutely strongest application I could have possibly produced.”

Peter S, MBA Intern at Novartis, MBA Candidate at MIT Sloan
MBA Admissions and Career Consulting Client

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