Meet Debra Woog

Debra A. Woog (pronounced like “Vogue” magazine) created MBA Navigator when she saw her MBA classmates and colleagues craving relevant tools to accelerate their individual development and career growth. For 25 years, she has successfully coached clients through admission to top MBA programs, transitions to more fulfilling careers after business school, and productive yet heart-based leadership. Through her expert teachings, Debra guides her clients to align their leadership choices with their brilliance and unique definitions of success, so that they transform from feeling time-crunched and overwhelmed to joy-filled and at ease, in their lives and work.

Debra’s own career path has included conducting research at Harvard Business School for an award-winning Organizational Behavior book, evaluating applicants to the MIT Sloan MBA program, and directing admissions and career development for the MIT dual-degree program Leaders for Global Operations. A sought-after expert, Debra’s work has been featured in The Boston Globe, Forbes, and US News & World Report, as well as other local, national, and international publications.

Debra earned her B.A. in Psychology and American Studies from Wellesley College and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management.  MIT Sloan recognized her leadership abilities by awarding her the Miriam Sherburne Scholarship.

She is trained as a mediator and an ombudsman.  

An enthusiastic vegetable-roaster and occasional painter, Debra enjoys spending time with her middle-school-aged son and daughter.

Visit Debra's MBA blog for her latest career and leadership advice.