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Consider MBA Navigator the management consulting firm for your career. Having earned your MBA from a top business school, your career path is too important to be managed passively. You’ve performed well so far – perhaps consulting at a professional services firm or managing in a large organization or taking the entrepreneurial journey or designing your own route– and now, like any good over-achiever, you’re craving more. You’re seeking rewards beyond the paycheck.

Now you’re ready for an improved relationship between your work and your life. You may need clearer communications, leadership consulting, or sharper negotiating skills to get there. Everyone defines success differently, and as we grow throughout our lives, our individual definitions evolve. It’s time to hone in on your market value and your core values and get comfortable promoting your whole self, so that you can achieve success on your terms. It’s time to push the boundaries of what you expected you could do with your career.

Sought-after, award-winning leadership and career coach Debra Woog will guide you through her proprietary process for evaluating your professional experiences, examining your ultimate goals and communicating your value so that you can take charge of your journey. Whether you prefer self-directed or one-on-one learning, we offer opportunities for you to:

  • Build critical self-assessment capacity, developing a deeper awareness of your skills, interests and qualities
  • Effectively communicate through your resume, cover letter, bio, elevator pitch, and interviews, for a job candidacy that will impress recruiters
  • Create strong networking and relationship building skills to uncover more opportunities within and across organizations
  • Reflect on your needs, values, and priorities to ease evaluation of future opportunities
  • Strengthen your negotiations to optimize outcomes
  • Handle difficult conversations more effectively and more easily
  • Leverage your leadership style as you navigate your new path, so you better manage colleagues up, down and across the organization
  • Ease your transition as you cultivate a work/life mix that supports you and your loved ones

You are already eager to make a difference through your career. MBA Navigator provides the proven assessment tools, skill development, knowledge, and step-by-step support to equip you to do so. You will become fully empowered to lead. Whether you choose an independent study program or a one-on-one coaching program, you’ll receive the ongoing training, expert mentoring and lovingly honest, professional feedback to propel your career to new heights.

We’re here to help you navigate your path to a more fulfilling, rewarding life and career.

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“I have found Debra Woog to provide a unique voice in my life. As my coach, Debra listens to my concerns, often sympathizes with what I am experiencing, and then, with incredible skill, moves me to action. This combination is powerful. I depend on Debra to help me clearly define my goals. She is up-front, honest, and cares about my success.”
~ HBS MBA, Management Consultant

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