New Client Comment

“The Brilliance-Based Career Success System™ Independent Study Program was the most helpful thing I did after a year of unemployment.”

M.T., JD
MBANavigator  Career  Client

New Client Comment

MBAclientI can’t believe it.  I gained acceptance into three of my top four graduate business school choices and now I have an equally difficult problem to preparing my applications: choosing which top school in the world to attend!

I know I had it in me, but looking back, I don’t think I could’ve found and articulated my story as clearly as I did without Debra’s guidance.  Debra not only guided me on how to approach the MBA application process but helped me introspect deeply to find and clearly state my strongest stories.  These are skills that will last me well into my career.

Debra’s meticulous attention to detail helped me deliver rich and effective messages and at times caught critical mistakes.  Her flexibility and professionalism helped me in the crunch times.  Most importantly, I truly enjoyed Debra’s warmth and positive attitude, which helped me build the confidence to deliver a message true to myself and the stamina to endure a grueling application process.

I truly enjoyed working with Debra and always looked forward to our sessions.   Thanks, Debra!

MBA Admissions and Career Consulting Client
Harvard Business School MBA ’15

New Client Comment

“Working with Debra made my MBA application far stronger than it would have been had I done it alone. Debra’s methods provided a framework that helped me paint a connected, multi-dimensional picture instead of simply relating isolated, disjointed stories. Her ability to help me identify my most relevant strengths and bring them out in my writing was nothing short of remarkable.

From a practical standpoint, Debra also tremendously reduced the stress and uncertainty inherent in the application process. She answered every question, however simple and insignificant, quickly and in a way that instilled confidence in me. Her ability to distill writing to the most relevant points in a concise and powerful manner made my written application much more compelling than I ever could have managed on my own.  Put succinctly, I am confident that through working with Debra, I prepared the absolutely strongest application I could have possibly produced.”

Peter S, MBA Intern at Novartis, MBA Candidate at MIT Sloan
MBA Admissions and Career Consulting Client

Careers in Corporate Citizenship

While many members of our connect2 community are entrepreneurs, many others are employed in the corporate world.  If you have – or seek – a corporate, brilliance-based career in which you make a positive impact, today’s post is especially for you.

Net Impact and the Center for Corporate Citizenship at Boston College just released a new career resource called Corporate Careers That Make a Difference, an eighty-page guide to pursuing a career in corporate citizenship.  Net Impact is a global organization of students and professionals using business to improve the world.  They define “corporate citizenship” as an umbrella term that includes both social impact (encompassing corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues) and environmental impact (encompassing sustainability issues).

As you probably know, I love the inspiration that comes through career stories.  This resource features dozens of stories from working professionals with diverse academic backgrounds and job titles.  It’s a first-hand account of opportunities for people interested in corporate responsibility and sustainability, beyond the typical job titles like Director of CSR.

Liz Maw, Executive Director of Net Impact says, “More and more people want to make a positive impact on the world through the work they do, but there are so few resources to help them turn this aspiration into a successful career. This guide fills that gap by exploring th

e diversity of opportunities available in corporate citizenship, and providing hands-on advice for long-term success.”

If you’re interested in corporate citizenship and would like a practical framework for career development, check it out.  And let us know what you think here in our comments section!

Presentation to Sloan alumni draws crowd

MBAs in career transition can navigate their paths to a brighter future!  That was the theme of my recent talk (Preparing for Your Next Career Transition, Whether or Not You are Currently in the Job Market) at the MIT Sloan Alumni Webinar Series. Participation ranked second highest in the history of this series; more than 90 MBA students and alumni attended to discuss how they can explore career transitions during these challenging economic times.  I stressed to participants that even in the face of layoffs and pay decreases, MBAs who articulate and live their key messages and priorities can thrive.

During the event I shared my original framework for identifying key messages to prospective employers. I guided participants to understand their most valuable skills, interests, and qualities (SIQs) as the basic building blocks for effectively communicating their stories in informational interviews, job interviews, resumes, cover letters and negotiations. (Applying my SIQ model over the past decade, my clients have consistently achieved their varied goals).

I was touched to receive many comments afterward, including “I really enjoyed your presentation today. Your model is simple and compelling.” The webinar recording is now available on YouTube for anyone who wants to learn my model and observe me coaching a current MBA student in the job market. Enjoy!

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